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Luzerne County Corruption

Over $10 Million In Assets Stolen Or Destroyed

The Victim
Joseph R. Reisinger


$1,500,000 Stolen



$1,500,000 in tax money stolen

from the tax payers of Luzerne County
(which caused the burden for those lost taxes to fall upon the rest of the Luzerne County Taxpayers)
11 Buildings Demolished Worth $1,400,000
(Which destroyed the property values of all other properties in the neighborhoods)
17 Buildings Worth $2,500,000 Illegally Sold
by the Luzerne County Tax Claim Bureau, "TCB" to Cadle

Judicial Criminal Defendants

Michael Shucosky, Esq.

The Luzerne County Court Administrator

Charles Brown

Luzerne County Court Of Common Pleas

County Criminal Defendants


     John G. Dean, ESQ.                                                           Elliot Greeleaf & Dean

         The County of                                                                            Luzerne County
                   Luzerne                                                                              Tax Claim Bureau

   Cadle Criminal Defendants

   Kevin T. Fogerty, Esq.                                                         Daniel C. Cadle

The Cadle Company II, Inc.

NER Criminal Defendants

   Atty. John P. Rodgers                             Northeast Revenue Service

Luzerne County Corruption / $15,839,460 Cadle Criminal Complaint

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$15,839,460 Criminal Complaint

Exhibit A
The TCB's, Schedule related to all of the unpaid real estate taxes that were stolen from me related to my 28 Rental Properties

Exhibit B
A memorandum dealing with the theft of my Tax Escrow Funds

Exhibit C
A memorandum dealing with the fraudulent sales of 28 of my Rental Properties

Exhibit D
A memorandum addressing the fraudulent purchase of 17 of my Rental Properties

Exhibit E
A memorandum addressing Criminal Destruction of 11 of my Rental Properties by Cadle

Exhibit F
A memorandum dealing with the Fraudulent Court Orders issued in my case by Judge Charles Brown
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