List of Alleged Offenses (cont.)

   6)   Made an employee clean her home, shovel snow and scrub her floors by hand on county time;

7)   Slept until noon, causing a major delay in hearings;

8)   Failed to conduct herself in a manner promoting confidence in the judiciary;

9)   Failed to disqualify herself when her impartiality could be questioned;

10)   Prejudiced the proper administration of justice;

11)   Discourteous in her official capacity;

 12)   Brought judicial office into disrepute;

13)  Failed to properly dispose of the court’s business;

List of Alleged Offenses

  1)   Came to work with unkempt, greasy hair and wore the same clothes, stained, day after day;

  2)   Told employees to lie about where she was when she would miss court;

Stopped proceedings if a deputy sheriff’s keys rattled to loudly;

4)   Repeatedly harassed and belittled employees, while developing a sexual relationship with a subordinate;

5)   Discourteous, rude, inpatient, undignified, abusive, unprofessional, demeaning, humiliating, intimidating and volatile (Puskas, deputy chief counsel for the Judicial Conduct Board)


  1Graduate of King's College..

   2)  Graduate of Hofstra University in 1979; and

   3)  Active Law License since 10/18/1979

  Practice Experience
   1)   Assistant District Attorney

   2)   Law Clerk for the U.S. District Court for the Middle District

Practice Experience

  3)   Elected as a sitting Judge for Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas for 10 years beginning in 1992;

  4)  Reelected as a sitting Judge for Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas for another 10 years in 2002.



Removal Process

   1)    Board received intial complaint on 4/27/2004;

   2)   Board Filed charged on 11/27/2006;

   3)   Lokuta permanently removed from being a Judge or holding any judicial office on 1/14/2011.