A. Criminal  Actions

  1)   Initially, she committed a crime of §5301 of the Crimes Code.

   2)  She violated various Canons of Judicial Ethics.

   3She violated the constitutional rights of me.


Forcibly Removed

   1)   Judge Gelb illegally rigged the outcome of case # 2010-3790, by issuing an Order that had no legal or factual basis, to support her termination of the Plaintiff's Case # 2010-3790.

    2)   Thereafter, the Supreme Court refused to have any future cases related to the Plaintiff referred to her to adjudicate.

   3)   Also, after the above filing by the Plaintiff, the Supreme Court began assigning all of the Plaintiff’s cases to judges from outside of Luzerne County, in an attempt to find a judge that, because of judicial corruption, would correctly apply the Law to actual facts in Plaintiff’s cases, the prior illegal Orders being issued by Judge Charles Brown and Judge Vough.


A.  Education

  1)   Cornell University in 1982 (with bachelor's degree and government and history)

   2)  Boston University School of Law in 1985

   3)  Admitted

B.  Education

   1)   198? - 2008 Cefalo and Associated in West Pittston

    2)   2008 - ??? -Had a private practice.

    3)   1992 - ??? Luzerne County District Attorney

   4)   1998 - ??? Solicitor for the Greater Pittston Chamber of Commerce.

Forcibly Removed

 1)   On March 27,2013, I filed a complaint, in the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas to case #2013-03810.

   2)  A Copy of the complaint was sent to the Supreme Court for its review.

   3Shortly thereafter, all of the matters previously assigned to Judge Gelb were reassigned to other Judges.