Charles Brown

List of Offenses

  1)   Issued Two Illegal Court Orders.

   2)  Threw all my court pleadings related to my Memorandum of Law across Judge's bench so that they landed on the floor, because his law clerk had not notified him until 10 minutes before the above hearing, that it had been scheduled;

   3)  Refused to schedule a hearing related to the propriety of a tax sale related to 28 properties.

   4)  Refused to read motions because there were "too many pages", and then issued an order.

  5)  Threatened to "sit" on all of the victims cases for a few months to "see what would happen".

Forcibly Removed

   Because of his conduct in the courtroom and because the orders he issued were improper, he was forcibly removedby the Supreme Court from continuing to hear any of my cases.




   1) University- Juaniata College, A.B.

      2) Law School - New York University,             (J.D.)
       3)  Admitted - 1963

Practice Experience

  1)   1963-1973 had a private practice..

   2)  1970 Appointed to the Commonwealth Court

   3)  Centre County District Attorney For 3 Terms.

   4)  Centre County Judge for almost 20 years.

  52008 - 2015 Senior Judge

Forcibly Removed

 1)   On October 12,2011, I filed a comlaint, in the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas to case #2011-12740, in regard to six (6) seperate conspiracies.

   2)  A copy of the complaint was sent to the Supreme Court for its review.

   3)  Shortly thereafter, all of the matters previously assigned to Judge Charles Brown were reassigned to other Judges.

   4)  October 2014 Judge Charles Brown announced that he was retiring, much to the betterment of Luzerne County.